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Welcome to!  As web technologies have developed, more and more tools have become available for people to instantly find the best available value for whatever it is they are looking to do.  For online sports betting, the concept exists in essentially the same way, only it is not about what you save, it’s about identifying which betting site is willing to payout the most for a successful bet.  

However, a lot of Indians make the mistake of betting from a single online bookmaker account.  Think about how strange this sounds when compared to other areas of your life: Would you only buy your latest electronic gadgets from one store?  Would you only ever fly on one airline?  Would you only book your hotels through a single travel website?  If you need a mortgage to buy a home, would you only give your bank an opportunity to win your business?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you are paying way too much for these aspects of your life.

The reality is you likely said ‘no’ to these questions because you know that you can save significantly on these things in a quick and convenient manner, by compare prices and rates online to get the best value. The same potential is available when you place your bets.  Odds are the expression of the prices that the online bookmaker offers to you to attract your bet.  From a rational perspective, they post the odds, you bet if you feel it is a worthwhile risk.  

How much can odds and potential payouts vary between betting sites?

This depends on how you like to bet.  If you like to bet on singles, one bet on one result, the odds can vary from 3% to 10%.  However, if you enjoy combination bets where several match result predictions must be correct for a successful bet, your odds can range from 10% to over 50% between reputable betting sites.  When betting in combination, the odds are multiplied together to help calculate the potential payout.  This is what can lead to potential payouts that can be significantly different between betting sites.  The same concept applies to system or permutations betting where many combination bets are made.

Think of how often you make a bet in this fashion.  Every time you place that combination bet, there is an opportunity to identify a provider that is willing to offer potential payouts that are perhaps 10%, 20%, 30% 40%, 50% or even higher than that of your current provider.  Why would you not take the extra potential payout?  Some people might say they don’t want to have to sign up for a new account every time they find a new betting site with the better odds.   

Here’s a little secret, you won’t need 10 or 20 betting site accounts.  However, if you have anywhere from three to five different betting accounts with highly competitive, reputable betting sites, you can simply use OddsJet to make your picks, see the potential payouts and identify which of your betting sites offer the best odds for your current match predictions.  It’s nearly instantaneous to find your results.

In the end, you need to figure out why you like to bet.  Are you really just in it to be correct and irrational, taking any odds price on offer at your existing bookmaker?  Or are you in it to win as much as is available to you?  After all, if you bet frequently, isn’t it worth a minute of your time for a 10% to 50+% premium in value on your odds? You already compare prices in other ways in your life.  Let’s see how this premium in betting odds stacks up against the other ways you compare prices vs. the time invested to make the comparison.  

Price comparison for retail consumer products: a worthy investment of time?

Online price comparison tools can help consumers find the best value for on almost any retail product.  People usually invest the time to compare prices when they feel that there is a chance for savings that is significant to them.  There are some people that may want to save every dollar on any purchase they make, even if it is just a savings of a few per cent.  Products that are under a thousand rupees in price would come into this category.  After all, how much money can the retailer make selling products at this price point?  At best you might save a 10% on a relatively inexpensive product.  Retailers can only cut their prices so far on an item like book.

Price comparison can certainly be perceived as being a more worthwhile activity when Indians want to make a larger retail purchase, such as a laptop, smartphone or big-screen television.  If you’ve identified your desired model of choice, you can simply use any number of online price aggregators to instantly find the available prices for your exact model.  For a laptop, you might save up to a thousand rupees if you discover a sale.  Thus, a few minutes of your time invested for perhaps 1,000 rupees received in savings is excellent by any standard.

Travel price comparisons: a worthy investment of time?

If you are looking to book a hotel room, there are several online aggregation tools that bring together hotel prices from various travel and hotel websites.  These tools are great because they allow you to narrow your hotel search by feature, rating or room-type and then instantly find the best price from all the available travel sites.  If you are staying for a single night, the prices are unlikely to be too different from site to site within the given aggregator - usually in the 10 to 15 per cent range.  So you might see a savings of 100 to 400 rupees depending on the room rate.  However, if you might be staying in one place for several days, the savings can certainly add up to make the time you invest for room price comparison worthwhile.

If you are looking to book a flight, depending on the flexibility of your flight dates and times might be, you can use flight price comparison tools to find the best bargains to travel to your destination of choice.  Airlines oftentimes fly at less than capacity for various routes at less popular times of the week.  If you just want to get to a destination and when you go is less important, these flight price comparison tools can get you to your destination with a significant savings.  In some cases, you could fly for 50% of the cost to fly at popular times.  A flight at a prime time for 10,000 rupees can be found for close to 5,000 rupees to the same destination.  So even a half hour of your time invested in comparing prices can yield significant savings, especially if you need to buy several tickets.

Mortgage rate comparisons: worthy investment of time?

If you are looking for a new mortgage for your home, there are mortgage rate comparison tools that help you find the best available lending rate for your preferred mortgage type, whether fixed-rate or variable-rate.  In addition, you can compare available rates for your desired term duration.  A home purchase is often the largest investment that a person or family can make.  As such, saving even a few tenths of a percent on your interest rate can save thousands of rupees per year.  This means less money paid in overall interest to your lender, which also means you may be able to pay off your mortgage and own your home sooner.  

With mortgages, sometimes people can get fooled by the numbers, even with knowledge of rate comparison.  If your existing bank is offering a 6.9% rate on your desired term, but you find that 5.9% is being offered by another lender, some people might think that this is just a 1% difference and getting the mortgage with their bank is just less hassle.  This is not correct!  The interest rate difference in this case is 17% (6.9 divided by 5.9).  Given this, why would anyone just walk into their bank and take the listed lending rate when you can find highly competitive mortgage rates to save tens of thousands of rupees in interest payments?  Comparing for a mortgage takes very little time to know what the best current available rates might be.  

Is odds comparison a worthy investment of time?  Some examples:

How often do you need to get a mortgage?  How often do you travel?  How often do you buy a Laptop?  Probably not that often.  Now, how often do you bet on sports like cricket or football?  You compare rates and prices when you can save significantly on these other items that you need perhaps once a year or even once every few years.  Betting on cricket, football and other sports is likely far more frequently a part of your life, yet you have the same opportunity to ensure you are getting significantly better value with a service like OddsJet.

Here are some examples of how odds can really differ even between reputable betting sites.  These are examples of combination bets taken on January 3, 2018 with OddsJet.

3 Cricket results (Pakistan over New Zealand, then Perth over Brisbane and Stars over Renegades in the Big Bash League)  odds ranged from 12.679 to 11.019 which is a 15% difference.  A 50 rupee bet paid 633.74 to 550.94 for the same cricket results.

4 Premier League Favourites: Odds ranged from 13.633 to 11.048 which is a 23% difference.  A 50 rupee bet paid between 681.67 Rs. and 552.40 Rs.

8 UEFA Champions League favourite results:  Odds ranged from 282.354 to 160.149 which is a 76% difference.  A 50 rupee bet paid between 14,117.69 and 8,007.44 rupees.  That’s a cash difference of over 6,100 rupees.

Each of these parlays took a few seconds to check on with OddsJet.  Multiples betting, also known as system or permutations betting where all permutations of your predictions are bet in all possible combinations..  OddsJet also compares the odds for your picks on these kinds of bets, its the ultimate betting calculator.  It’s pretty simple, be loyal to yourself, not your betting site.

Why can sports betting odds vary so widely?

Betting sites look to make a little bit of money on each betting market that they offer for each event.  A betting market is just another name for the bet type like match winner.  The odds are established, then fluctuate depending on how the money has been bet on the event participants.  In the end, the bookmaker is hoping to balance their exposure so that they can pay out the winning bets from the overall money staked on the event.   Any money that is left over can be counted as revenue.  In a simple example, think of T20 cricket match between two very close rivals.  The odds posted for either team to win are 1.90.  In an ideal world for the bookmaker, an equal amount is bet on each team.  

For simplicity, let’s assume $1,000 comes in on each team, perfectly balanced, for a total amount bet of $2,000.  The betting site must pay the winners.  The winners’ bets are $1,000 multiplied by 1.90 for a total of $1,900.  The lost bets are lost, no return to those bettors.  The betting site is thus left with $100 or 5% of the overall amount staked as revenue.  ($100 left over divided by $2,000 wagered = 0.05 or 5%)  This 5% is called the bookmaker’s ‘margin’ or ‘juice’.

Betting sites are constantly managing this balance of how stakes have flowed from their customers onto the given event participants.  Each betting site adjusts their odds to help balance out their exposures.  They look to lower the odds to discourage bets on the side that has seen lots of betting and increase odds to encourage bets on the participant that has seen little betting.  This is the main reason that odds can differ from bookie to bookie.  Each betting site must react to the money flows at their own site.

Odds can also range widely due to the amount of margin a bookmaker tends to use.  Some betting sites integrate an odds margin of 5% or 6% as shown in the example above.  Some betting sites work at around a closer to 2% odds margin.  While this might not sound like a lot in these terms, the reality is that a 6% margin is three times higher than a 2% margin.   When you start looking at your potential payouts, you will see that the betting sites that offer lower margins will most often have very competitive potential payouts for you.

In the end, this is why a service like can be so valuable.  Simply select your picks just like at a betting site then use the Bet Slip inputs and controls to find which sportsbooks are offering payouts toward the top of the range.  You should not care about how betting sites must adjust their odds for their given money flows, nor should you care about the margins they work with.  You can’t control these things.  You can control where you place your bet.  All you should care about is that you are getting the best value for your hard-earned stake money.

Why OddsJet? Are there other odds comparison sites?

Of course.  But OddsJet is the only one that has a version dedicated to Indian bettors.  Other odds comparison sites are focused on markets like the UK, Germany, Sweden, France or Australia or the world at large.  The problem with that is two-fold for Indian bettors.  Every betting site around the world serves a unique mix of countries.  For example, several of the sites that you may have seen advertised on the side boards of English Premier League games will not accept Indian customers.  Big brands like Ladbrokes, Coral, Paddy Power and SkyBet won’t accept your registration - so why would you want to see their odds?  Exactly.  That would be a waste of your time and screen space as you evaluate your odds and potential payouts.

Secondly, there are betting sites that will accept your registration but do NOT offer Indian rupee accounts - meaning you’d have to lose money exchanging funds every time you deposit or withdraw funds.  These fees can reach 5% of the amount transacted.  If you prefer to play in the Indian Rupee directly, OddsJet shows you which betting sites offer direct INR betting accounts.  

Furthermore, OddsJet does all the odds comparison for you.  Most sites still use really wide grids with tiny fonts, so they are tough to read and find the best odds.  OddsJet is automatic.  Just set your picks for singles, combination or multiples, view your results and you’re done.  Most people can check the odds for their picks on OddsJet in under a minute.  

Simply put, OddsJet is the odds comparison site for India and Indian sports bettors.  It’s fast, free and private.  Since there is no sign up process, no data or personal information is held by them.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many Indian bettors fall victim to an emotional position that is only based on the match result predictions, not on the odds related to those predictions.  People often fall into the trap of just wanting to feel intelligent with the correct bets more than they want to get the best value on their bets.  Simply put, some people don’t realize that between betting sites, odds can vary significantly.  So much so in fact that it likely makes sense to use an odds comparison site like  OddsJet is has a version meant specifically for Indians as it only compares odds from betting sites that accept Indian customers, many of which offer Indian Rupee accounts.  

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